The Jordan sites would of course be incomplete without Petra, the “Rose City” built by ancient Nabataeans that is so off-the-charts amazing it has become a symbol of Jordan. Plan to spend hours there winding your way through narrow red gorges, admire the Treasury (Al-Khazneh), explore the numerous rock-cut tombs, and hike all the way out to the Monastery (Al-Deir). There are no words adequate to describe the atmosphere here—you simply have to visit and experience it for yourself! Plan your Trip and Explore Perta through Jordan Packages!

Little Petra
Also built by the Nabataeans, likely around the 1st century CE, Little Petra features even more rock-cut buildings, impressively hewn and carved out of cliffs and mountainsides. If you can’t get enough of Petra, then Little Petra, situated slightly further north, is perfect for you. One major highlight of Little Petra? The Painted House, a small room with a well-preserved ceiling fresco that depicts birds and twisting grapevines. This enchanting fresco is an extremely rare example of Nabataean painting that survives to the present day